it’s almost nonstop basketball for 12 months

It wasn’t until 2011 that the WNBA finally moved the draft back, giving players a week between draft night and the final game of the NCAA tournament. WNBA players are no strangers to hard work and little vacation time, though. Since the end of the college season and the WNBA draft are both in April, players have to be ready to gear up for the league by May. If a WNBA rookie made it to the NCAA tournament in their college career and then also made the playoffs in their first pro season, they could be working from October to October. It gets even tougher in the fact that if a player makes it Wholesale Jerseys China all the way to the NCAA title game and would decide to forego her final season of eligibility (if she’s 22 or has completed four years of college), she only has around a week to declare for the upcoming WNBA season.

After winning a National Title in April, Kaela Davis and Allisha Gray, two Gamecocks from the class of 2018, did just that – they declared for the draft this year and decided to forego their final Cheap Hockey Jerseys From China year. With the coach confirming their declarations on April 4, the two had four days to decide to sign with an agent or return to school. The decision to stay in school is much more common for women’s basketball. While NBA players can make millions after one year in college, most WNBA rookies make about $50,000. Davis and Gray, two guards, are expected to be picked as No. 7 and No. 2 respectively.

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